An Exquisite Collection of Designer Jewelry

Tanmaya means ‘Reincarnation’ or ‘Taking life in a New Form’. That is what my exclusive collection of designer jewelry represents, as each bead is entirely hand crafted and transformed into unique, sophisticated and one of a kind designs. The essence of every piece is a striking combination of custom-blended colors that becomes a natural complement to any wardrobe, be it ethnic or modern.

My collection caters to every age bracket as it showcases an array of necklaces, pendants, ear rings, jhumkas, bracelets and anklets. The uniqueness of this type of jewelry is that it can be made in colors and shades that perfectly match any outfit, and a wide range of treatments such as metallic, antique, gradient, pebble , glass, mosaic, swirl, translucent, pearl and kaleidoscope can also be given for a truly chic and elegant look. These intricate designs are made with the highest level of care and attention to detail as each bead undergoes a lengthy process of conditioning, molding, baking, sanding, polishing so on and so forth before they transpire into stunning body accessories.

The average price for my jewelry starts from Rs.100 for stud ear rings, Rs. 250 – Rs. 1000 for larger ear rings and Jhumkas while the necklace sets range between Rs. 1000 for the most basic type and go up to Rs. 3000 for the more elaborate styles. I take requests for custom-made jewelry and also host four or five themed - exhibitions in a year around major cities of Kerala, India. Check out my online store or facebook page for updates and more information on my latest collection.